• New Roof Installation: Why It's Worth It For Your Rental Home

    Your rental home should always be in its best condition. After all, the property is an investment and you operate a business as a landlord. You want carpets clean and fresh, appealing paint on the walls, and a roof that is as reliable and new as possible to draw in potential renters and maximize your rental profit. A new roof installation is perhaps one of the most expensive home renovations you can do on your rental home, but one of the most beneficial to do as well.
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  • The Benefits Of Replacing Your Roof Instead Of Just Patching It Together

    Has your roof begun to leak? Maybe it is missing a few shingles, or perhaps some of the shingles have started to peel off. Your instinct might be to hire a roofing company to come to repair the parts of the roof that are in poor shape. However, you may just want to avoid this repair stage and jump straight into getting a roof replacement. Here's why. There are probably more problems with your roof than you can see.
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  • Hidden Damages of Ponding Water

    Ponding on flat commercial roofs is an obvious problem. The most pressing issue in many building manager's minds is that ponding water on a flat roof can lead to eventual leaks. However, there are other issues that may pop up before a leak occurs. These are some of the other reasons you need to address ponding water immediately. Roof Weight Ponding water can result in a lot of extra weight on your roof.
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