• 4 Roof Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Home For Spring And Summer Storms

    With spring here, it is time to start thinking about roof maintenance to reduce problems with storm damage. To start, you will want to have your roof inspected, clean it, and do other maintenance. The following tips will help you prepare your roof for spring weather and summer storms: 1. Cleaning Your Roof and Dealing With Debris as Trees Begin to Bloom To get started on spring roof maintenance, you will want to make sure the roof is clean and free of debris.
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  • Worried About Hail Damage? Know How You Can Protect Your Roof

    One potential problem your home can face is the damage after a hailstorm. If your area frequently sees hail, you'll want to take some additional steps to make sure that your roof is protected. Use Roofing Material That's Hail-Resistant The best defense against hail starts with the roofing material that you have. It will be a good idea to use roofing material that's hail- resistant when it is time to replace the home's current roof.
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