Bold Colored Vinyl Siding - Choosing The Right Product And Revitalizing Faded Vinyl

Posted on: 19 April 2016

If you want vinyl siding on your home, then you likely know that you have a wide variety of color options available to you. A dark teal or a vibrant cobalt blue will certainly add a bold pop of color to your house. However, you may be worried about the color fading over time. This is a real concern, especially if you do not want to end up with siding that appears chalky and bland after a few years.
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How to Decide between Replacing Panels or Coating Over Rust on a Metal Roof

Posted on: 14 April 2016

Metal roofing offers unbeatable reliability and longevity, but only as long as you maintain a strong and sealed coating over the surface of the metal. When the coating wears away and rust sets in, you need to act quickly before the corrosion spreads and creates serious leaks that threaten the rest of your home. Make the right decision between replacing entire panels or simply coating over rusty spots by evaluating the condition of the metal and the severity of the corrosion.
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