3 Advantages Of A Spray Foam Roof For Commercial Buildings

Posted on: 25 July 2019


When it is time to repair or upgrade the current roof on your commercial building, you should consider adding spray foam to the new or existing roof. Spray foam has several benefits over simply having a basic roof.

1. Ease Of Installation

A major benefit of spray foam is the ease of installation. Much like when spray foam is used for interior insulation, the foam is propelled from a spray gun. If your current roof is in good condition, there may be little preparation necessary to have spray foam installed. The product is simply sprayed over your existing roof, so there is no need to close the building or relocate during the process. Since spray foam requires certain weather conditions during installation, you will need to start planning. Generally, the biggest hindrance to installation is the presence of moisture on the roof. So, it may be better to choose a time of year when the weather is generally warm or cool, with fewer chances for precipitation.

2. Energy Efficiency

The insulation effects associated with spray foam will make your building more energy-efficient. This can be an ideal addition to your current roof if your building is located in an area that experiences either weather extreme. If you have hot summers, more of your air conditioning dollars stay inside the building. Additionally, spray foam can be especially helpful in offsetting the effects of direct sunlight on the roof, which can spike temperatures indoors on the upper floors and make them harder to cool. For localities with a harsh winter, less heat will escape from the roof as the heat rises inside the building. When addressing the needs of commercial buildings, reducing energy usage through insulation may have a considerable effect on your utility bills.

3. Protection

No matter what type of roof you currently have, it cannot be installed as a single piece. This means there will always be the potential for vulnerabilities where moisture can seep between pieces of roofing material, especially as your roof ages. The use of spray foam means seamless coverage of your roof, so there are no places for water to infiltrate. Another protective benefit of spray foam is the thickness can be adjusted in different areas of the roof. Your contractor may notice certain areas where water pools, especially with low-slope roofs, or does not drain as well as it should. Simply adding extra spray foam in these areas can be used to create slight slopes for water to run off and no longer pool on the roof.

Spray foam is a fast addition to any roof in good condition. The protective benefits and savings in energy costs make spray foam the right improvement for a commercial roof. To learn more, contact a company like Foam Experts Co today.