Worried About Hail Damage? Know How You Can Protect Your Roof

Posted on: 29 January 2019


One potential problem your home can face is the damage after a hailstorm. If your area frequently sees hail, you'll want to take some additional steps to make sure that your roof is protected.

Use Roofing Material That's Hail-Resistant

The best defense against hail starts with the roofing material that you have. It will be a good idea to use roofing material that's hail- resistant when it is time to replace the home's current roof. Some materials that can resist hail include asphalt, since it can absorb most of the impact by flexing and won't break instantly on impact. Another material that is durable is copper, which is capable of withstanding hail impact and won't become cracked or deformed afterward.

Get A Roof Inspection After It Hails

As a homeowner, it can be difficult to fully assess the damage caused by hail after it rains down on your home. That's why you want to look into getting a roof inspection after the big storms where it is likely that damage was caused. Any crack or hole in a roof is a potential weak point where water can get in, and once water is underneath the shingles, it can damage all of the roofing material around it. What starts out as small damage will eventually get to the point where shingles start becoming loose or fall off the roof.

Trim Nearby Trees

Sometimes the damage caused by hail is not the hail itself but other inadvertent damage from the storm. If you have trees that are hanging over your roof, it is possible for a hailstorm to be strong enough to cause a branch to break off the tree and land on your roof. Stay on top of these tree branches by trimming them when they are hanging over the roof. At the very least, it prevents other problems that can happen, such as tree sap dripping onto your roof.

Understand Your Home Insurance Coverage

If a hailstorm does cause a significant amount of damage, it may be time to use your home insurance to pay for the repairs. It will help to fully understand your coverage and if hail damage is covered. If so, you'll need to pay your deductible so that your insurance can cover the rest. You may have a high deductible that makes using your home insurance prohibitive, so consider changing how much you need to pay to make a roof repair.

Talk with a residential roofing contractor to learn more.