Two Key Signs That You Need a New Roof

Posted on: 30 October 2018


Maintaining a home is much more than mowing the lawn, cleaning off the siding, and making sure that everything inside of the dwelling is always neat and tidy. Your roof is a key player in the overall scheme of things, but it's so easy to forget about the importance of keeping a keen eye on it to see if you need a replacement. If you're in the dark about the signs of a faulty roof, the following information should give you some key indicators that you must replace it right away.

Your Energy Expenses Are Increasing by the Month

There is a symbiotic relationship between the cost of your energy bill and the condition of your roof. Think about it for a moment; the walls and roof in your house are really the only things that separate the indoor environment from the outdoor climate. When the roof is sound and there are no cracks or tears in it, you have a solid barrier in place that protects the climate in your home. If the roof is impaired in some way, there might be more outdoor air coming inside of your house. The un-conditioned air can wreak havoc on your heating and cooling system, causing your energy bill to shoot up higher and higher the longer you go without fixing the roofing issue.

More Critters Are Making Your House a Home

You don't have to see a gaping hole in your roof to realize that there is a problem. Pay attention to how many pests you start seeing around the house. If there is a breach in your roof, it's very easy for bugs and insects to make their way into your house. If the problem gets too bad, you might even start to hear chirping or scurrying sounds in your walls because small birds or animals were able to burrow in through the roof.

Rain Streaks Litter the Ceilings

Walk through the house and take a look at your ceilings. Do you notice discolored spots in certain places? This could mean that there is water coming in through the roof and it could possibly be puddling up in your roof. 

Although the signs might seem small at first, you need to act quickly to keep them from spreading. The minute you notice any of these symptoms, call up a roofing contractor, such as Roof Positive, and let them help you get your roof repaired immediately.