Why Composite Wood Is Great For Roofing

Posted on: 26 April 2018


If you need to upgrade your roof, you have a lot of important decisions to consider. The material that you choose for your roof is going to have an impact on your home insulation, not to mention how much it will change the way that it looks. And so, decide how you want your roof to look, and then find a product that is going to be practical and energy efficient. This article explains why composite wood might be the perfect shingle material for your roof.

Composite Wood is More Practical Than Real Wood

Composite wood shingles are becoming one of the most popular choices for residential roof replacement. Many people love the look of basic wood shingles. However, owning a wood shingle roof might not be the most practical in certain regions. If you live somewhere that is rainy and wet, wood shingles are definitely not the most practical choice. Not only are they susceptible to water damage, you also need to worry about termites.

When a wooden shingle gets wet, it can warp as the woodgrain randomly expands and contract. Basically, it could be hard for the shingles to keep their shape over time. This usually means that they become loose and unstable, exposing the deck underneath. This can obviously be detrimental to the insulation of the roof, and it can also lead to problems with water leaking. Great Composite Styles

Luckily, homeowners who love the style of wood shingles, but don't want to deal with their upkeep, have the very practical option of composite wood shingles. Composite wood products are made with cutting-edge printing technology, so they look very realistic. They are shaped and molded to look like real wood, with extreme detail. For instance, if you look closely, you will see that the wood grains are perfectly in line with the print. This attention to detail means that they look very similar to wood.

Most homeowners are going to appreciate the fact that composite products look so similar to real wood products, without the associated headaches of moisture damage. Since they obviously don't look exactly the same, some people are still skeptical. That is, they prefer the look of real wood. But, if you go see them in person, you will probably be impressed by how great they look.

When you consider how cheap and easy they are to keep up, it was definitely worth the small style sacrifice. To learn more, contact a roofing company like Christianson Roofing INC.