Common Gutter Questions Answered

Posted on: 17 February 2018


The residential gutters along the perimeter of your roof will be one of the most important but easily overlooked components of the house. By learning more about the gutters, you can work to ensure that your home avoids potentially serious problems as you will be better able to respond to the issues that may arise.

What Happens If You Fail To Clean Your Gutters?

Failing to keep the gutters clean can be one of the more common mistakes that homeowners will make when it concerns this part of their homes. When the gutters are not kept clean, debris can accumulate, and this can stop water from being able to flow through the gutters. This might not seem like it is a major issue, but it can lead to the sides of the house and its foundation developing water damage due to uncontrolled runoff from the roof. You can dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning that your gutters will require thorough the use of gutter screens that can intercept much of the larger debris before it can lead to the formation of sizable clogs.

What Should You Do For Gutters That Have Been Punctured?

In addition to becoming clogged with dirt, leaves and sticks, your gutters can also eventually develop holes or punctures. Corrosion will frequently be a cause of these damages to the gutters. Unfortunately, some homeowners will fail to address this source of damage due to the assumption that they will have to replace the entire gutter system to repair it. However, there are patch kits that can be used to close these holes without replacing the damaged gutters. Typically, these kits will only be effective for fairy small punctures or holes. Therefore, you should use these kits to repair the damage as quickly as possible so that it cannot grow too large to be repaired.

Is Ice Forming In The Gutters Damaging To Them?

During the harsh winter months, the temperature can easily get cold enough to cause the water in the gutters to freeze. Over time, this can lead to thick ice deposits forming that may be able to completely block the flow of water through the gutter. Removing this ice will be imperative to ensure that the gutters are able to function as intended. As a result, you should inspect the gutters for this problem. However, there has been a period of intense snow or otherwise harsh conditions that could lead to the formation of ice deposits.