Four Common Reasons Why Your Roof Installation May Be Delayed

Posted on: 30 December 2017


Not all home improvement projects are started and completed on time. A new roof installation is one such example. If you are waiting on your contractor to install a new roof, and it seems as though he or she will never start and/or complete the job, you should take the time to realize that there are reasons for the delay. It helps you accept the fact that other things need to be addressed so that your new roofing project can be completed smoothly and quickly. Here are four of the most common reasons for a delayed project.

Bad Weather

Heavy rains or a blizzard coming are definitely reasons why your roofing contractor would delay the start or finish of a roofing project. It is always best to tear off your roof when there are a few days linked together where precipitation is not predicted. Sub-zero cold is another reason. Preventing the crew from getting frostbite is vital to the work that the roofing company does. They will, however, work in extreme heat because they can stay hydrated. 

Mold and Water Damage

Where there is mold or water damage, a roofer will pause to make sure this is cleaned up and restored. A subcontractor for mold remediation and water damage restoration has to come in to clear this away and make it safe to continue with new roof construction. The roofing contractor is then at the mercy of the subcontractor's schedule, and cannot proceed until the subcontractor and the subcontractor's crew have completed their job.

Shortage of Supplies

A fire at a shingle factory results in a shortage of the shingles you want for your roof. Stranger things have happened. However, it is highly possible that the delay in your roofing project has everything to do with a shortage of certain supplies. 

Trickle-Down Delays

Trickle-down delays are delays caused by problems on other roofing projects that the contractor has. If your contractor gave you an estimated start date for your roofing project, and then does not start on or around that date, there is a pretty good chance that he/she is having problems at another job site. These issues are extending the estimated completion date for that project, which extends start and finish dates for every other project. Just ask your contractor about any circumstances that are delaying your roofing project. This could very well be the reason why there is a delay.

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