Waterproofing Options That Are Best Applied As Your Home Is Built

Posted on: 26 November 2017


The best time to waterproof your basement is when your home is under construction. Then, there are several below-grade options that can reduce the amount of water that enters your home. You may think that your concrete foundation is very solid, but concrete comes with pores that can allow water to enter. Also, various problems can lead to the formation of cracks that can allow for water to enter the basement.


Sealants can be overlaid over a foundation to create a waterproof covering or a vapor barrier. Petroleum-based products are the oldest options available. However, there are newer methods available as well. Sealants can be applied in the same way as paint.

Waterproofing Paint

Waterproofing paint can reduce water entry. However, it should never be used as the only waterproofing method. The paint is designed for porous surfaces. It can come in custom colors as well. Many brands are also designed to resist mildew.  Like with other paint, waterproofing paint can be applied with a roller, a brush or with spray-on equipment.

Bentonite Clay

Water often enters the building through cracks. Fortunately, you can patch these cracks with a sodium bentonite clay. This clay creates an impermeable barrier that expels water and other chemicals. If harmful chemicals are present in the soil, your home will be protected from them.

Crystalizing Waterproofing

Crystalizing waterproofing methods make the concrete less porous. Also, this waterproofing method protects the concrete from corrosion, which preserves the integrity of the concrete and  strengthens the surface layer. This form of waterproofing can be applied with a brush or with spray-on equipment. 

Drainage Systems

A more direct way to prevent water entry into a home is through a drainage system. For instance, a drainage system underneath the floor and around the home can carry water that pools around the building. A perforated PVC pipe covered in cloth carries water away. The cloth reduces the risk that the pipe will become blocked by debris. 

Drainage systems are difficult to install and you should consider hiring professionals. When the drainage system is not installed correctly, it may not properly draw water away from the home or it may be more likely to clog.

Hiring The Professionals

While each of these can be added after your home has been constructed, many of these options are more expensive to implement. Therefore, you should contact a residential waterproofing expert who can install these waterproofing options.

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