3 Roofing Improvements That Will Help Your Home Weather Storms Better

Posted on: 13 September 2017


With the storms with destructive power becoming more frequent, it is a good idea to have a roof on your home that can withstand potential storm damage. There are some things that you can do to protect your home from potential damage, such as installing hurricane straps or using roofing materials with higher wind resistance ratings. Here are some tips that will help you with roof improvements for a home that can weather the storm:

1. Roof Replacement with Better Wind-Resistant Materials

One of the improvements that you will want to consider for your roof is using wind-resistant materials. While these materials may be a little costlier, they are going to stand up better to high winds that storms can bring. When you need a roof replacement anyways, talk with the roofing contractor about paying a little more for materials and giving your roof more resistance to storms. There are some roofs that are more vulnerable to wind damage, such as those with low-slopes or flat designs. If you have a nearly-flat roof, then it is important to have the appropriate roofing materials installed to ensure it is resistant to damage that storms and high winds can bring.

2. Installing Hurricane Straps to Strengthen the Roof Structure

There are always improvements that can also be done to the structure of your home to reduce potential damage from storms. One of the best ways to protect the roof of your home is to install hurricane straps. Hurricane straps are brackets or metal straps that hold structural members together and help give the roof of your home and other parts of the structure more resistant to wind and storm damage. Using hurricane straps on the roof structure can help protect it from being blown off.

3. Preparing Your Roof with Repairs and Gathering Emergency Supplies

Another improvement that you will want to consider doing for your home is doing repairs. In addition, you will also want to have emergency supplies ready if your roof is ever damaged. First, have a roofing service inspect for potential damage that may need to be repaired. Make sure you have materials like extra shingles and tarps to repair the damage. In addition, it is important to have tools to complete any repairs that you may need to do on your home.

If you are wanting to make your home more resistant to storms, these are some tips that will help improve your roof. Contact a roofing company to get help with some of the repairs and improvements to your roof.