Tips For Removing Ice Dams From Your Roof

Posted on: 14 March 2017


Did you need to get your roof repaired due to ice dams that formed during the cold winter? If so, this is a problem that you would rather not have to deal with again. It happens because your roof has hot spots that cause water to melt, which flows down the roof until it reaches a cold spot. The water freezes, creating an ice dam that can cause damage to the roof, such as leaks or structural damage. Here are some tips for getting rid of ice dams.

Prepare For Removal

You'll want to start by gathering all the materials and tools you'll need to get the job done.

Roof rakes are great for reaching up on a roof, and shouldn't be confused with regular rakes. Roof rakes have an extended handle on them so you can use them from the ground, and they are designed to avoid causing damage to your roof when using them. While at the store, also purchase ice melting powder. From around your home, you'll need nylon stockings and a ladder.

Clear The Roof

Start by using your roof rake to remove snow that has collected along the roof's edges. You'll want to remove all snow that is below those ice dams you'll be removing. If there are icicles hanging off the roof's eaves, knock those down now so they do not fall down unexpectedly later on.

Get Out The Ladder

You'll need the help of a friend for the next step. Place your ladder against your home directly in front of where an ice dam is located. Your friend should spot you by holding the ladder as you're working, since ground conditions could be icy. You do not want to risk the chance of the ladder slipping on the ground, causing you to fall off the ladder.

Apply Ice Melting Powder

Before you climb the ladder, fill your stockings with the ice melting powder. Then you will want to place it over each ice dam. The purpose of using the stocking is to hold the powder on top of the ice dam, which will keep it there even as water starts running off your roof. Place the stocking in the center of the ice dams.

Inspect The Gutters

While on the roof, give your gutters a brief inspection to make sure the path for water to run off the roof is clear. If there are still leaves in your gutters from the fall, remove them.

For assistance removing ice dams, you can also contact a professional roofer like WNC Roofing for help.